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Beach Houses/Apartments

Old Orchard Beach House Rentals

Looking for Old Orchard beachfront hotels? Our Beach House/Apartments grouping of rooms includes our accommodations that offer separate sleeping areas with a sitting room and kitchen area. Within this group are small family apartments and one bedroom "mini-suites," as well as large traditional Maine beach cottages with three, four, and even six bedrooms, lots of extra space, large decks and porches allowing people to spread out and find their own space. The Beach House/Apartments group include some of our luxury suites, but also some economy units that might be the most practical way to vacation if you're staying with a large group. 

We do offer pet friendly apartments, but you'll want to ensure you reserve specifically a pet-friendly accommodation. Our cottages, apartments and suites have been the choice for family and college reunions, headquarters for fundraisers, charity events, and weddings. They are also a perfect place for craft groups to come and enjoy the beach and also concentrate on the group's common passion, like jewelry making or quilting in a homey and fun setting. We keep some of these units open all year long.